Wednesday, April 27, 2016

That Moment when you Realized it was all a Lie!

What am I talking about you ask? Well, life. 

I've always joked around about Family Reunions, they are the best place to find every day actors. What I didn't know was we are all understudies. If I would have been told this when I was younger I would have hunted for the best the most exciting roles to play. I definitely would have found the perfect person to study. Maybe even studied several people.

I know you must be wondering what started all of this madness. Well I'm not going to tell you. Not at the moment any way. If I did you wouldn't come back to see what is happening.

I thought about making an appointment with a shrink. But decided that my brain was small enough. So here I am on line pretending I have an audience. My own little stage to perform. I would say without critics but I am sure you will show up soon enough.

Today I participated in a few short films. Yep that is what I am going to call them. MAybe even throw in a movie or 2. My day started out as a short episode of Leave it to Beaver. I fixed my husbands lunch hugged him, told him I loved him and sent him off to work. This was at 6:00 this morning and I won't see him again until 10:00pm when the late show is over. I think I nailed that performance. 

My next stop is painting. Now this is more therapeutic for me than work. I was thinking it could be part HGTV and part yoga. The arms and legs get a good work out and the room is beautiful after I am finished. I've decided that I'm not very fond of short films. Too much running around working on different parts and getting nothing accomplished. I feel as if everything is an audition. 

My entire life has been an audition. The only problem is I haven't gotten the big call back. I always wanted to be rich and famous, not middle class. Yet here I am on the treadmill of life going no where. 

My day isn't over yet, On my way back from short film #2 I stop at my moms for a workout. Running on the treadmill like a rat in the cage. What workout shows are ther on TV? Not something that I would watch regularly. I have enough trouble participating on my own. Maybe it would be easier to just watch.  At the moment I think I'll skip that call back. At least until tomorrow.

Now for the late show. I play the part of a pizza chef. I work until 10 and it can't get here fast enough. I've never seen the show Two Broke Girls but maybe that is who I am.

Like I said before my rant ore life is a lie. I am beginning to believe that the movie The Matrix is how it is.

I have had enough for tonight. I think tomorrow I am going to do a flash back episode to one of my dramas. 
Until then,