Friday, March 27, 2015

The Attic Trunk

I think it would be fun to go through an attic of an old house. The treasures that you would find and the stories that were never told. I can almost smell the the history as you walk into the attic. The smell of dust and musty old books. The moth balls that were left to preserve the clothing. A smell that will forever remain in the fabric, unless you know of any secrets on how to remove it.

The thrill of opening each and every box, discovering the secrets that were left behind.  Finding a small collection of this and that or maybe the family wedding gown that has long been forgotten. Picturing in your mind how beautiful she would have looked on her wedding day. You find the attic trunk that hasn't been opened in years probably decades. Filled with more stories: old love letters, family photos, a bible with a rose pressed inside, a christening gown and many more items. Each one telling it's own story. Real or imagined. It's a glimpse into the past of someones life. The best or worst memories captured in one place.

What memories are lingering in your attic trunk?
Are they happy memories?
Or do they bring up sadness?

Stop for a moment and think about what you will leave behind. What will the next generation find when they discover your attic trunk? With this being the digital age what memories do you need to put in the trunk? Take the time to put the special memories in place for someone to discover. Let them use their own imagination and create the stories that you will leave behind.

My parents have discovered a new passion in their life. They are having fun going to auctions and estate sales. Finding the things of the past that need to be dispersed. Someones story being sold off piece by piece. Giving each item a chance to belong in someones story. Look at the following pictures an see if there is anything that you would like to give new life to. Is there an item that you would like to have part of your story?

Until next time, have you SeenIt?


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