Sunday, March 22, 2015

Starting Over

Wow, I quit my job. What was I thinking?

Have you ever been so bored that you just had to shake things up? Well that is where I was when I made the decision to quit my job. Plus the job was making me into someone I didn't like. It was like I had an evil twin that I had to face every day. Watching her go to work in a place that was unhealthy and out of her element. I needed my life back. I needed 'her' to go away. I wanted to be free from the stress of trying to appease someone that didn't even know what they wanted. I needed to find my own passion and be happy.


So where do I go from here? Good question. I can honestly say that I am on my way to new discoveries. During the day my grandson helps me in that area. When it gets warmer outside we will be discovering a lot of things with his sister, outside. No electronics for the summer. Now that will be a shock to them but a blessing in the long run.

3 to 4 nights a week I work for my cousin at the Alger Freeze. I think she is glad that I am back but some days she doesn't show it very well. It wasn't shortly after I came back that I convinced her that she needed to make some changes. And changes we have made. We painted over the ugly brown paneling and painted it a nice turquoise. The diamond plate still needs to be put up and the chair rail. And the decision on how to replace the floor is still up in the air. But progress is being made and In time it will look like a brand new place and I'm excited for her.

In this line of new discoveries I am also helping my parents. My dad has a new building that he has put up. He is filling it with antiques and items that maybe old but can be re-purposed. Just like my life always re-thinking the things that I could be doing better. No I'm not perfect nor do I want to be. I enjoy being the one outside the box creating my own kind of CHAOS. It sure keeps life interesting. 

I hope you will join me on this crazy adventure of new discoveries. I may even tackle a few old ones that need some TLC. 

Until next time, have you SeenIt?


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