Thursday, June 23, 2016

My New Role

Once in a while I have good days where I am happy and forget what is....

I am having way to many off days and this has got to change. My attitude has got to change, I am determined to be happy. I got rid of the depression once before but the problem is I had to remove someone from my life. I refuse to remove my husband. He is worth fighting for in spite of the things that he has done that hurt me.

Decisions were made about his friend and that is one of the things that hurts. Lord help me but I was praying that his friend would go away. He (my husband) has run off every friend I have ever had and he thinks that I am supposed to be ok with his friend remaining in his life. I do not care for his friend and believe me I have good reason. I won't go into that here maybe another time. I hope I can move past my insecurities and accept what is... 

In reality only one of us was going to come out happy. It was not me.

Now I need to focus on what part I want to play in this new role that I have taken on. If you are just tuning in.....Read my previous posts. (Only the 2016 posts) The posts before that were pre-enlightenment.

Tomorrow is a new day with a new outlook. Let's see if I can make this new role my own. Fearless, courageous and strong.


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